How much will I save with Flat Rate Select™?

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* Weight must be minimum 3lbs and maximum 20lbs.


Still getting eaten alive by shipping costs? Flat Rate Select is the solution that you’ve been looking for! Included with each active license of ReadyShipper shipping software, Flat Rate Select connects you to instant savings on USPS Priority and Express Mail on packages up to 20-pounds.

New studies have found that low shipping prices and strong sales go hand-in-hand. With ReadyShipper and Flat Rate Select, you’ll be able to instantly up your level of competition by being able to offer the lowest prices on shipping with fast delivery time on the products that you ship the most.

All of the boxes, mailers and labels at TrueShip Supply are preapproved for the special savings offered with Flat Rate Select. Shop in confidence and get stocked up today, and start saving on shipping right away!

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